TopTrend Gaming is a leading provider and one of the first companies to offer slot games to Asia, the fastest growing gaming market. It has been at the forefront in driving the Asian market with its exciting and extensive portfolio of games.


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TopTrend Gaming’s products are proven on most of the major Asian operators. Its broad appeal and long standing reputation as a valued and profitable business makes it one of the trusted and reliable partners in the gaming industry.


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Since mobile gaming started to win player acceptance across Asia, TopTrend Gaming started to build games using HTML5. Top performing games have been migrated from Flash into HTML5 to ensure operators and partners stay on the cutting edge of what is best in this market. Every month TopTrend Gaming consistently release new and exciting games so players continue to have a fresh experience.


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TopTrend Gaming’s talented team takes pride in delivering best of the breed slot games. It has introduced more than 100 unique Asian + Western theme games which were produced in-house, from development, designing and deployment using only the best mathematical models and themes to create an ultimate experience.

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