Sunbet Live Casino provides a one-stop turnkey solution for live-gaming products, brought together over a decade’s worth of experience in the gaming industry. Sunbet Live Casino products are meticulously curated; from the gorgeous and charismatic Asian dealers, to an intuitive user interface designed around the player, to offer a truly unique andmemorable experience that would keep your players coming back for more!

Inplay Matrix is proud to present Asia’s favorite Live Casino; now ready for integration!

Baccarat is one of the most popular table games in the world, and the crowds’ favorite at our land based SunBet Casino in Macau.

Roulette is a word which originated from French, and loosely translated as ‘small wheels’. Roulette is staple of luxury casinos all around the world.

Craps is a game with a very long and illustrious history, passed from one generation to the next. Modern day rendition is a sealed dice cup containing 3 dices. Bets are then placed on guessing to total number of points of the 3 dices.

Three Card Poker is a very easy and fast paced betting game which is famous in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Player and Banker are both dealt 3 cards, and the winner is the hand with the highest points.

Pai Gow Poker tiles is a rendition of the Chinese Mahjong Game which consists of forty tiles. Players are distributed the tiles according to the total points of dices and compare the points of the tiles between the player and banker to decide the winner.

Head To Head Porker is a traditional card game popular within China’s provinces that has a very quick pace, and very easy to understand. Both Banker and Players are dealt 5 cards each. The hand with the highest point wins.

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